15 Creative Masterpieces Of Logo Designs Using Gradient Effects

A logo is a major element which is used to represent a business or product. Design a perfect Logo for your business or product is very much important. It has been told since last so many years that you should avoid using more than three colors when designing logo and told to avoid gradients. This trend was broken with the launch of Rainbow Apple logo in the mid eighties. From then till now we have discovered a lot about logo designing. Basically a professional logo design shows customers and clients your professional approach to business. A good logo design will help differentiate your product from similar products in the market. We believe that a well thought out logo design will help attract new customer. So feel free when you design logo. Do not limit yourself.


Apple Logo


1 Apple Logo

Aramova by grafikonline

2 Aramova by grafikonline

Webics by lalohead

3 Webics by lalohead

Glocalis by Martin Gallardo

4 Glocalis by Martin Gallardo

FOLD IT by TKhoury

5 FOLD IT by TKhoury

Veriation Music by kokonut

6 Veriation Music by kokonut



Marrek by dena

8 Marrek by denaLOOP by chek

9 LOOP by chek

ADiM by Utkin

10 ADiM by Utkin

Plastic Whale by brandberry

11 Plastic Whale by brandberry

 Flutterfly by OcularInk

12 Flutterfly by OcularInk

NorthColour by northcolour 

13 NorthColour by northcolour

Origamia by Gabber

14 Origamia by Gabber

Backup Drive by Oronoz

15 Backup Drive by Oronoz

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