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Does more than one person proof read the printing job?

There is no denying proof reading is the most important job while printing your stickers, folders, labels, CD jackets, door hangers or any other printing job. The more people proof read your printing job the better results are expected.

Do you need to make a dummy to check artwork and presentation?

This is considered an important part in printing. The dummies are often required by the customers to check the configuration, artwork, layout and presentation. It creates trustworthiness between seller and buyer.

How and why is custom printing important?

In fact, we have to say the least that customization has involved in every business today. In case of printing, stickers, banners, folders, labels, door hangers, business cards, envelopes and all other valuable printing products need to be customized according to the specific needs and requirements of the clients.

What is the importance of artwork in printing?

The designing or artwork is an important component of printing. The various printing products like stickers, vinyl banners, folders, labels, business cards, door hangers and CD jackets need to be properly designed by a special quality artwork. In this case, the role of graphic designers becomes vital lethal to create 100% original quality designs for the companies.

What is printing process?

This is a special kind of procedure that needs to reproduce the images, texts, logos and mottos of any kind of promotion product like sticker, banner, folder, door hanger, etc. through a quality ink on a quality paper by using the printing press. Agencies like newspaper, publishing and printing often require printing process for a quality printing.

Do you need color scheme while printing?

Without the implementation of the four color scheme (CMYK) it really becomes difficult for the production team to produce matchless quality product. That is why colors like cyan, magenta, yellow and black have a special importance in printing.

Why do we need to implement the adobe illustrator, Photoshop, dream weaver and coral draw techniques?

These are valuable graphic design tools through which graphic designers are able to create original, colorful, creative and attention-grabbing designs for you custom stickers, folders, banners, door hangers, labels, business cards and many other promotional items.

Why do we need lamintation?

This is considered an essential component of printing without which your printing job is useless. There are two important kinds of lamination methods that need to be implemented by a professional printing company including (i.e. gloss and matte finish).

What is time duration for my printing job?

Time is the most vital factor in printing. Most of online printing companies have set up a rule to deliver their printed products within 14 days time span.

Is there any incentive that online printing company is offering for its clients?

Incentives attract the customers always. Online printing company offers special discount packages for its valued customers during the holiday seasons such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, bank holiday, and Halloween Day. In addition, company offers free unlimited design revisions and free shipping for its clients.

What do you mean by order placement while printing promotional items?

In a broader sense, the order placement means to put your product inquiry related to promotional items to any reputable and dependable printing company on the internet. That includes several important steps from product inquiry to sales quote, from order booking to order confirmation, from invoice to order sourcing, from order changes to order process, from shipment to settlement and from returns to so on. The order placement is the key process while printing your promotional items. PrintingRay bears in mind the importance of the order placement while printing your promotional products.

What is design process?

The design process is the key while printing your promotional items. PrintingRay implements the systematic design process. The professional graphic designers employ effective and useful graphic design tools including (i.e. coral draw, adobe illustrator, and Photoshop and dream weaver) for creating your marvelous designs of various promotional items in an innovative style. In addition, our graphic designers customize promotional products according to client’s requirements.

What is order tracking information?

This is mainly considered as the information that shows you the date while placing your order on the site. It not only includes your order detail but also shows you the current status about your order on the site. It also includes the information regarding shipment and delivery date. PrintingRay does have a complete information regarding order tracking about its current and past clients.

What is color matching?

Colors play a vital lethal role while printing promotional items. PrintingRay makes use of the matching colors for producing your top quality products including CMYK (i.e. cyan, magenta, yellow and black).